71 Ways to Pray

I decided to record different ways I use or have used to talk to and praise God….Enjoy God’s Presence today!

1. I use a prayer journal. I record prayers for people, situations, material things, even ramblings that come from my heart. I also use it to record lessons that God has taught me. I have enjoyed over the years going back and looking at all the different places God and I have “gone” together.

2. This year, at Thanksgiving, I started a Thank You journal. (It’s just some colored paper stapled together with a cover.) I have made a commitment to write at least 1 thing in it each day. 1 thing that I am thankful for, 1 thing I may often take for granted, 1 thing that “sings” to my heart from God’s.

3. In the past I have used lists to help me remember to pray for people. I keep a list of family members and friends. When I feel like I can’t think of anything to pray for I get out my list and the prayer just starts flowing. I also have a list of family and friends whom I know are not saved. I use this one quite often.

4. I have taken many prayer walks. I walk around my church and pray for the ministries and the ministers involved in my church. I walk around a school and pray for the teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Then I pray for the community around that school. I have found that this can be a very enriching time of prayer.

5. I love to use scripture when I pray. One of the best ways that I can communicate with God is by using what he has given me in his word. There is endless material for praise and petition!

6. I love to sing old hymns. My children and I belt them out when we’re doing chores and the like. Hymns are full of wonderful praise!

7. I love to use the ABCs. One thing I’m glad God gave me for each letter. This can also be a great mental exercise, trying to think of different things each time I go through the alphabet.

8. Write a psalm to God and then pray it back to God. Poetry is great!

9. Use an address book to keep track of the people and situations you are praying for. Everyday pray through a couple of letters.

10. Pray T.H.U.M.B. I got this one from Pray! mag. it stands for: T is for Tribal people and animists; H for Hindus; U is for the unreached, unreligious, and unconvinced; M for Muslims; and B for Buddhists.

11. Pray with your children. Children are so open spiritually. Teach and guide them into a life of prayer and praise. Don’t forget to be listening for the lessons they will teach you!

12. Silence. Listen for and to God. This can be very difficult but very rewarding. Start small: 5-10 minuets, then 15-20, then 20-30. See how God will bless you. I often think that in our society we don’t get enough silence.

13. Meet with a prayer partner and share your joys and sorrows. Remember where two or three are gathered the Lord is there!

14. Pray your schedule. Give God your past week, month, quarter and ask for his perspective and comments. Do the same with your coming day and week. Ask him for insight into the things he wants you to do and not to do, accomplish, pray for, and people to meet with. Ask him to permeate your plans.

15. Minister to God. God is seeking worshipers who will worship him in spirit and in truth. In stead of asking for anything JUST give him worship. Praise him for who he is and what he has done for you.

16. 5 minuets per day – get a timer and use it to pray for 5 minuets for your family, spouse, kids, work, church, President, Congressmen, etc. This can be a time packed with powerful prayer.

17. 7 x 7 – this one comes from the National day of Prayer Task Force: Set aside time in your day, everyday, to pray for the 7 seats of power and influence in our nation. They are, government, military, media, business, education, church, and family. Visit www.ndptf.org for more information, tips, and scriptures for participating in 7 x 7.

18. Sing – this sounds elementary and even silly, but go with me for a second. When you’re praying (for most of us it’s silent prayer, right?) do songs or choruses ever come to mind? The next time that happens, sing it out. Allow God’s Spirit to lead you in your prayer time, and just see what he brings to your mind.

19. Sing a new Song! – God’s word often encourages us to sing to him a new song. After you’re tried singing songs that come to mind try allowing God to lead you in a new song of praise to him. Open up your heart to him and just let it out.

20. Take a walk or hike in nature, away from the ‘business’ of life. Allow the sounds and smells of God’s creation to speak. (Rom 1.19-20)

21. Use doodling or drawing to “create” your prayers. Pick an attribute of God and meditate on it while you doodle. Consciously invite God into your drawing. This can be very relaxing but it may also bring a freshness to your prayer life! This is one of my FAVORITE methods of talking with God.

22. In this day, how could I not mention a blog! Make a blog that is simply devoted to you talking with God. This is much like keeping a journal except it would be ‘out there’ for all to see. If being that transparent scares you talk to God about it. This might be something he wants to take you through to further refine you!

23. Any musicians out there? Just sit and play. don’t try to think of specific songs just let your fingers and thoughts of God take you and the instrument on a little journey.

24. Remind yourself today that the Lord is returning! It is just a little while that we will have to endure life and all it’s trouble. Expect heaven today….you never know it might be this very second! Come Lord Jesus, amen!

25. Use markers to draw and color your prayers. This has become a regular practice for me. Start with a favorite verse and draw or doodle the things that come to your mind. Allow God to speak to you through your drawing.

26. Same as above but use it as a way to intercede for others. Write the name of someone you are praying for on the paper and draw, doodle, and pray around it.

27. Try doing something active while you pray: running, exercising, dancing, punching a bag. Getting your body involved in prayer can be very exciting.

28. Pray while you are doing house or yard work. I can’t tell you how many times God has spoken to me over a sink of dishes, or while vacuuming.

29. Devote yourself to prayer! Be watchful and thankful! (Colossians 4.2) Is prayer something you have apportioned time for, are you dedicated to it, have you set apart yourself to it? Sometimes a “formal” dedication to something can give us a renewed desire to pursue it! Have a “Prayer Dedication” service. Invite your family and friends. Speak from your heart and give action points that others can join you in.

30. Make a prayer video. Try to define prayer in a ‘graphic’ and visual way.

31. Use sound. Music or sounds of nature can help you to express things in your heart that words wouldn’t.

32. Make a yearly appointment with God. Spend an entire day just thinking about him and talking with him and listening to him. (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Years, anniversaries are all good times to do this.)

33. Teach others about prayer. Help someone else learn how to pray. As you intercede for and help them you will find your own prayer life growing!

34. Use pictures to make a collage of the people you are praying for. Remember to incorporate the prayers you have for them.

35. You can also use magazine cut outs to do something similar to #34.

36. Get a t-shirt or old pair of jeans and uses fabric markers and paint to write prayers. This can be a very visual and fun way to “wear your prayer”.

37. Go big! Paint a prayer mural on a wall!

38. Write prayers on helium balloons and then let them go. This can be a neat way to intercede for someone you don’t even know. Or think about the person finding the prayers you let go and how it might bless and encourage them!

39. Get a map of the US, the world, or any other country you’d like to focus on. Pray everyday for one place on the map, one town, one state, or region. Pray for the leaders of that country, the people groups, the missionaries you may know there, etc. Place a pin in the map for every place you’ve prayed for. This is great for kids to see the map fill up with their “prayers”.

40. Go on an adventure with a focus on listening and speaking with God. This could be as simple as an overnight camping trip or a more extended and ‘exotic’ experience. Put some real thought into what you would do on this trip and why.

41. Share your testimony about how your prayer life has changed over the past year. This can encourage others as well as remind you of the importance of prayer.

42. Make a slide show of just pictures that represent the things you are praying for or what prayer represents to you. This can be a great way to show others that communicating with God is not just talking.

43. Spend time meditating on the Psalms. Use this schedule if you like. PsalmSchd Ask God each day to speak to you through what you read.

44. Build a “House of Prayer” using wooden blocks. With markers write your prayers on the blocks. This is a fun way for children to get involved in praying as well!

45. Use a specific prayer focus for 30 or 40 days. Some great ones are 30 days of Prayer (for Muslims during Ramadan), 40 days for Life (a pro-life org.), our Nations Leaders, our schools and teachers, missionaries, law enforcement officials and other civil servants, marriage and families, Israel.

46. Every time you hear a siren pray for police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and the people involved in the 911 call they are attending.

47. Do you sing in the shower? Well, how about praying in the shower?!?!

48. Pray while you drive. Yes other drivers may think you are crazy when they see you talking and waving your hands in the air, but it’s ok you don’t know most of them anyway! ;O)

49. Pray the names of God. I’ve used this in various different ways. Here is an easy guide to start with from NavPress.

50. Is your church or community facing a very difficult issue? Try gathering the people involved in a time of prayer. This does not need to be overly organized. Just set a date, time and place and get the word out.

51. Have an old piece of wooden furniture? Strip it and draw and write prayers on it. Then give it a good coat of poly. (Another great way for children and teens to do something creative with prayer.)

52. Do you sew or quilt? Get a solid, light color of fabric and draw and write prayers with fabric markers. Then quilt or sew away.

53. Does your praying bring glory to God? Think about this as the purpose for your prayers. Will it change how you pray?

53. Take a ‘Prayer Journey’ through Scripture. Go through Luke, Acts, or Nehemiah and stop every time it says they prayed. Contemplate why they stopped at that moment to pray. Consider their prayers if they are recorded, is there a theme, or common thread? What can you learn from their fervency and consistency?

54. Have you asked God to make you into a “Prayer Warrior”? Invite him to teach you how to pray! This is probably the best, most important thing you can do in your prayer life.

55. Are you married? Pray with your spouse at least once a week.

56. Are you a parent? Pray for your kids everyday. Even if you don;t have children there are probably kids in your life that you can pray for. (nieces & nephews, church kids, godchildren, neighborhood kids, etc.)

57. If you are a parent, pray with your child after there has been correction (1 John 1.9)

58. Fast. Fast a meal, a day, a week, a month, or something you use or eat everyday (eg. coffee, tv, texting). During the time you would be eating or doing that activity pray instead. Fasting can be VERY powerful.(Read Isaiah 58.6-14)

59. Pray through Ephesians 6.10-20. Prayerfully consider how you can put God’s armor on each day. Make one or more of these pieces as a symbolic act of consciously acting upon what you learn from this prayer experience.

60. Use scripture to fight this spiritual war in prayer. Here are a few you can start with: Nehemiah 4.13-20; Psalm 8.2; Isaiah 54.17; Matthew 16.23; 2 Corinthians 10.4; 1 Peter 5.7-9.

61. Pray through the news. Get a newspaper and cut out stories of things and people you will pray for. Pray during and after watching the evening news. What better way is there to take all that negativity to God and see his hand at work.

62. Make a time line up on the wall. Note any fantastic answers to prayer and their date, include anything you are praying for and the date you began to pray for that, add any profound conversations you have had with God and their dates. This is a great visual way to see all the times you’ve had exceptional communication with God.

63. Pray with “chucks” or any other weapon you use. (sword, bo staff, etc) (Thanks Michael for this one!)

64. Have large rocks in your yard? Paint praises on them or anything else you’d like to express to God in a public way.

65. Symbolically offer your sword to the Commander of the LORD’s army and ask him for your orders.(Thanks Ken for this one!)

66. Ask a local business if you can have a prayer stand outside their door. Then ask people if they would like you to pray for them. ( You could do this as a one time thing or you could set up a standing arrangement like once a month or once a quarter.)

67. Pray the 23rd Psalm everyday for a month. See what God does with such a familiar passage. Don’t pray it as a request. Pray each phrase as a statement of praise and thanksgiving for something God is already doing in your life! Let him refresh you with it.

68. Text your prayers to others. Don’t forget to text your praise reports too! ;O)

69. “Pop-Corn Praise” – when you’re in a group, shout out praises to the Lord as fast as you can, no taking turns just shout out quick two or three word praises. If this gets going it can be a lot of fun.

70. Light some candles or start a fire, turn off all the lights, and allow God to speak to you in the warmth and glow of the fire. Seek him as the “Light of the World”.

71. Use the Advent candles to remind yourself of why Jesus came to this earth: HOPE, PEACE, LOVE, JOY, LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Write or speak prayers for each theme for yourself, your family, your neighbors/coworkers, your church,  your city, your country, etc.


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post/website! I just prayed that God would bless your ministry and encourage you to keep working for Him. May He give you strength! These are all wonderful tips, and I think I shall use them in my own worship.

  2. I am speaking on prayer at a ladies retreat and wondered if it is okay to share some of your creative ideas? They are great and very helpful! Thank you!

  3. My friend and I are in charge of pre-service prayer for our congregation at church. I was looking for ideas to make prayer more fun and interesting for people and this post was the first thing I saw. Your ideas are great, but I’m curious, how does one pray with a weapon (#63 – Pray with “chucks”)?

    That sounds like such a cool idea but I’m not sure how to implement it.

    • That one came from my brother! He’s a martial artist, and used to pray while practicing his “chucks”. I think mostly just using the rhythm to pray.

  4. These are wonderful suggestions on the many ways we can pray. Thank you. I would like to share these
    at our upcoming women’s retreat that is going to be on “Prayer and the Pray-er”

    • Sandra, feel free to use this post as a suggestion list for your retreat. I only ask that you give credit to PrayCreatively.com