prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Vastness of God!


“Colliding Galaxies”

I’m contemplating, this morning, the vastness of God. I want you to join me in meditating on this for just a moment, and let God ‘blow your mind’ a bit. Keep in mind the size of the universe; this video can remind you how small our earth really is!



Here are just a few examples from scripture that speak of the vastness of God:

Psalm 8:3 says that the heavens are ‘the work’ of God’s fingers and that He set the moon and stars in their place!

Psalm 19 speaks of the heavens themselves declaring the glory of God, ‘day after day they pour forth speech, night after night the reveal knowledge. Also the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

Psalm 33:6 tells us that ‘by the Word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the Breath of His mouth’.

I love Job 38, because God asks Job a series of rhetorical questions about the things that he (Job) can’t do, but God can. This chapter should really get you thinking if you go and read it!

My favorite is Isaiah 40, where we learn that God marked out the heavens by the span of His hand! That’s vast! He measures the universe with the width of His hand!! We also read here that God holds the dust of the earth in a basket, weighs the mountains in a scale, sees the nations as a drop in a bucket and sees the people of the earth as though they are grasshoppers!!

Now, think about how this vast God of ours decided to ‘fold’ Himself up and confine Himself in the body of Jesus, just so He could walk among us, reveal Himself to us, and die to set us free from sin and death! But He didn’t stop there! No, He also has confined Himself to live inside of each one of His believers! I don’t know about you but this just astounds me!! The God who created the ends of the earth, the God who never grows weary or tired, the God who measures the vast universe with the span of His hand, that God lives inside of me and you!

Jesus, I am in awe of You! Thank You for dwelling inside of me. Thank You for all the beauty I see in Your creation, it points me to You at every turn! I am so blessed by Your abundant mercy, grace, beauty, love, and compassion toward me! Amen.


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