prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Poor in Spirit??

“The poor in spirit are blessed, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.” Matthew 5:3

A conversation between me and Jesus:

When I asked Jesus, “What does it mean to be poor in spirit?” I think I heard him say to me:

“Alethea, I created you with an intense curiosity and desire to know. Unfortunately, because of sin that curiosity is often focused in the wrong place. I want you to know, not just things and facts and the like, more importantly, I want you to know the Knower, the One who knows all! Me! And if you realize and accept that this is your tendency, (to rely on your own knowing) then you realize that you are poor in spirit.”

“Jesus, I know it is my default operation, to want to know and know and know things and facts about all kinds of subjects just for the sake of knowing! I am sorry that I often leave you out of that, and I am sorry that my desire to know becomes and area of pride for me. Help me to seek to know you better. And continue to remind me that knowing ‘what’ is not as important as knowing ‘who’!!! Thank you for speaking to me!”

Sept2“I am so delighted that you desire to know me better! I will continue to reveal myself to you. Remember, you not only call me ‘Friend’, but I also call you ‘Friend’!!”

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