prayer at another level

prayer at another level

God’s Gem – The Apple of His Eye

HorseEye1In Deuteronomy 31:16-19, God tells Moses that he is about to die, but God has one more task for him. The Israelites are going to rebel against God and worship other gods. Could you imagine how Moses felt about this information! After giving a sermon that was about “30 chapters” long, pleading with the people to choose life and not death, God tells him they will not choose life! So God tells Moses to write these things down in a song. Why? Well because, we are so forgetful and God knows that when something is put to music we remember it so much better!

So, Deuteronomy 32 is a song that the Israelites would remember much better than just a sermon. The section I want to look at today is, verses 7-12.

God sets boundaries and gives inheritances! He is sovereign, and he places people and groups where and when he desires. But HIS inheritance is Jacob! God’s portion, His treasure, His prize, His gem!! Now, we learn from Romans 11 that we, as believers in Jesus the Messiah, are grafted into the plant of Israel. Therefore, we are part of God’s inheritance, we are his gems!! In fact, Paul prays in Ephesians 1 that we will be able to grasp and understand the glorious riches of HIS inheritance! That’s you, and that’s me!

How much does God value his inheritance, you ask? What is so ‘glorious’ about it? Well, honestly, I can’t really tell you what God values in me so much. But I can tell you that you can always tell the value of an object based on how much the owner paid for it. And God’s inheritance cost him dearly!! The blood, the life, of his Son Jesus!

But wait, that’s not all!

So, not only did God buy you and me for an extravagant price, but Deuteronomy 32 also tells us that he found us in a desolate and barren land. Do you sometimes feel like God found you in a howling wilderness, where you were all dried up and useless and unloved; when your life was being squandered in selfishness and worldly living?? It’s like he went on a treasure hunt and found this old beat up piece of junk, but he loved it so much that he bought it with everything he had!!! Does that not make you feel worth something!?!

But wait, there’s more!

This passage goes on to say that God “shielded and cared for” His inheritance. And He protects His inheritance as “the apple of [His] eye”. Historically, this phrase developed as a term of endearment. When you wanted to tell someone how much they ment to you, you would tell them that they were so close to you that you could see your reflection in their eye. This became known as “the man in the eye” and later was called “the apple of the eye” (the round part of the eye). Scientifically, the fastest reflex is your body is the ‘blink’ of your eye! Your brain can detect danger to your eye and protect it within 1/1000 of a second or 1 millisecond! That is the value of your eye, and that is how quickly God protects you and me!

But wait, that’s not all!

So, you may be thinking, “That’s all very nice. God found me and bought me, and I know that some day I will go to heaven and be with him. And you tell me he’s protecting me and watching over me. But I’m going through some super difficult stuff right now. In fact, I’ve been going through such difficulty and for so long that I just don’t know if I can go on! I don’t really see God’s working and protecting in my life.”

You know most people know that eagles fly higher than any other bird. Eagles are strong and powerful, some eagles have a wing span of 10 feet and can fly as fast as 100 m/h! When storms come other birds land and take cover but not the eagle. Nope they use the storm’s wind like a roller coaster of sorts! They mate for life, and when an eagle builds it’s nest it puts a layer of thorns underneath the soft grass and feathers. So that as the baby eagle begins to grow it starts to get poked and stuck by these thorns and baby eagle becomes very uncomfortable! And then one day, the mother eagle flutters over the nest and begins to beat her massive wings so that the baby is jostled around in the nest and then falls out. And because the nest is high up on a precipice the baby begins to fall and literally plummet to its death. But just before he hits the rocks the mother eagle dives under him and catches him on her back and carries him up on her pinions, just like this passage says. Then she will fly high up into the air and drop the baby again. And this same scenario takes place several times over the next week, until one day, the baby sticks out its wings and catches wind for the very first time!

You see God values you SO much that he found you, and bought you, and surrounded you, and cared for you, and protected you. And he values you SO much that he will allow and use any difficult situation in your life to teach you to soar. He loves you too much to leave you sitting comfortably in your nest of mediocrity when you were created, you were intended, you were designed to fly high above all other creatures!


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