prayer at another level

prayer at another level

What To Do With Evil??

path1From Psalm 37:1-7

1. Don’t worry when you see evil men who seem to “get away”

2. Don’t wish you were that evil person

3. Remember that they WILL NOT last long, they WILL answer to God.

4. Trust that HE is in control no matter what.

5. You continue to do what is good and right. Live as the Lord would have you live.

6. Delight in the Lord, praise him, worship him, spend time getting to know him. (keep right with him and he promises to fulfill your heart’s desire)

7. Commit your way to him.

8. Trust him. (he promises to make your righteousness and justice shine)

9. Be silent before him. That means LISTEN!

10. Wait for him expecting something to happen.

Father, lead us and keep us strong on your righteous path. Amen. 

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