prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Ramadan Day 13 – Pray for Albania

Islam13aAlbania is a beautiful, mountainous country, with a long and challenging history. It was one of the first places the Apostle Paul visited on his missionary journeys during the first century. Albania was also part of the Ottoman Empire, after the 15th century and became predominately Muslim. Most recently, Albania was under Communist rule for almost 50 years.

From the 30 Days of Prayer Guide.

Christian in Albania ask we pray for the following:

  • In 1990 there were no evangelical churches in Albania. Today, there are over 160. Thank God for this young active church. Bless the church-planting initiatives. Pray for the Evangelical Brotherhood of Albania (VUSH), which unites most believers.
  • Nominal Muslims – historically Albania is 70% “Muslim”, but only a small percentage actually go to a mosque or read the Qur’an regularly. Folk Islam, is widely practiced and many fear curses. Pray for the power of God to set Albanian Muslims free from the spiritual bondage of tradition and superstition. Pray that they will find true hope and peace in Jesus.
  • Kruje, Kukes, Kavaje and Krume are four strongly Muslim towns in Albania. Years of Christian work seem to have borne little fruit. Pray that changes.
  • Pray that two Muslim unreached people groups will receive the gospel: the Gorani and the Gollobord peoples in the northeastern mountains of Albania.

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