prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Ramadan Day 12 – Pray for the Makrani

Islam12aThere are around 94,000 Makrani caste members in Pakistan and India. They were originally hired as mercenaries; they are a proud and courageous people. Unfortunately, their lives are ruled by fear and superstitions.

From the 30 Days of Prayer Guide.

  • Bound by fear and deception, the Makrani need to be freed by the power of Jesus Christ. Pray that they will soon understand that they can depend on Him to deliver them from the ‘evil eye’. A key prayer word has been identified as “Trust” (in Him).

I would love to know more about these beautiful people.

Father, untie the bonds that keep these people in fear. May they open their hearts to trust in you and not any superstitions. Give them an understanding of who you are and the peace that you offer to them. Amen.

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