prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Ramadan Day 4 – Pray for Saudi Arabia

Islam3“For most Saudi Muslims, God is so far away that they cannot imagine that He cares for them personally.” (30 Days of Prayer Guide, 2014) What a sad statement, when Jesus desires to be both their Friend and Savior!

Let’s pray that they will find that He hears them and cares deeply for them. May they come to understand that He is close to the broken hearted and that they have no need to fear death. May the hopeless truly find hope in Jesus Christ. Amen

From the 30 Days of Prayer Guide, pray for:

  • those people who suffer in silence and loneliness – Saudi Arabian men, women and children – that they find Jesus, who has suffered for them and cares for them;
  • the Saudi Arabian followers of Isa, that they really experience the presence of God and that the people around them notice the change;
  • May they find courage to stand as we kneel before the Lord on their behalf.


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