prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Ramadan Day 2 – Pray for New Believers

Islam2Since praying last year, I have read dozens of testimonies from Muslims who became Jesus followers! (Read some here!) It is amazing, and I praise the Lord for it!  We definitely need to pray for these new believers. They face unbelievable pressures to return to Islam; loss of family, job, status, even life. May we stand in this gap for them.


Lord, I pray specifically for new Muslim Background Believers. Give them a spiritual stamina that is supernatural, straight from your Holy Spirit. Protect them and their children spiritually from the pull to return to Islam. Give them patient endurance and a love for those around them who are pressuring them. May they be a witness for you, Jesus, even to those who may wish them harm. Remind them of your promises, that you are with them always and that you have forgiven them, wiped their slate clean!  Amen.


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