prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Throw Out the Old Trash

Trash1Numbers 33.55-56

Get rid of the old sinful habits and life styles! If you don’t they will be a snare to you, you are entering life in the ‘promised land’ and you must live to worship God alone and not allow your old ways to enslave you again!

Amazing that this has always been God’s message to his people! When you enter relationship with him he doesn’t want you bringing in that old, useless way of living. Rather, he wants you to take on his way; for your benefit! Throw away the ‘trash’, don’t try to wade around in it or paddle through it. You were called out of that!

I pray that each day I can do this is my prayer life. To forget about all the old failures, past habits, and sinful rebellions but instead to take on his peace and presence! And I pray this for you too, friend!

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