prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Yahweh – The Bread From Heaven 1

Manna1Exodus 16 tells us many things about the bread (manna) that came down from heaven:

  • it was a gift from heaven
  • God gave specific directions about how to gather it
  • it was given to the people in this way to test them.

This post focuses on the specific directions God gave:

1. Go out each day and gather enough manna for that day. (Ex. 16.4)

Lesson learned: Feast on the Lord everyday! It is not enough to come and eat once a week, or here and there. Think about it this way, if you only ate once a week you’d be slowly starving to death! Furthermore, how many times a day do you eat?? Two to three meals per day plus snacks, right! Or if you’re like me you have the hobbit schedule: breakfast, second breakfast, 11sies, lunch, second lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, late snack, midnight snack!!! In other words, feast on the Lord as many times in a day as you can, you can NEVER eat enough of his sustenance!

2. Do not store the manna for the next day. (Ex. 16.19-20)

Lesson learned: God’s food isn’t meant to be hoarded and stored. It either needs to be eaten and digested and/or shared with others. If you do not use it, it will literally rot and get wormy! Pass on the things you are learning!

3. When the sun grew hot the manna melted away. (Ex. 16.21)

Lesson Learned: Seek the Lord while he may be found. Now is the time to eat with the Lord; there is the implication that a time is coming when the Lord can no longer be found. (Is. 55.6)

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