prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Repair the House!

In Haggai chapter 1 the prophet tells the people that they are working on their own houses while ignoring the house of God and that this is not right!

The House of God today, his church (not the buildings, the people), is in disrepair as well! The church is weak and disobedient, compromised and immature. We seem to pay more attention to building our own “empires” than building up his body, his temple!

Just as in the days of Haggai, may we be stirred up to repair God’s house, build it up, and make it the shinning example it is supposed to be.

Turn away from disobedience and lay a stone of holiness. Quit letting the world creep in and giving in to compromise; lay a stone of faithful trust in God and his word. Let go of all the immaturity that entangles and lay a stone of self control and unity.


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