prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Cleansing Sacrifice

Leviticus 14 & Matthew 8:1-4

This chapter in Leviticus speaks of cleansing from a serious skin disease. Ironically, the cleansing rituals in this chapter weren’t used for nearly 2,000 years! God made special provision for something that he wasn’t going to do until he sent his Son to this earth!

Mathew 8:1-4 speaks of this: it was the first time in Israel a son of Abraham had been cleansed of a serious skin disease! The requirements in the law would finally be used!

Can you imagine the priest when this man went to the temple to offer the prescribed sacrifice!? “You’ve been cleansed of WHAT?? That just doesn’t happen!!”

Amazing! The picture is simply sublime!

God knew all about the “leprosy” of sin that plagued the human race. He set a way for that sin to be taken care of. (Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. -Hebrew 9:22) Unfortunately that way could never permanently take sin away, the leprosy kept coming back! So the permanent solution was for God himself to come down and provide the perfect sacrifice once and for all!

Praise Jesus for his cleansing sacrifice!

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