prayer at another level

prayer at another level

A People Belonging to Him

READ Zephaniah 3:9-17

1. His people have a restored speech. A pure mouth is required to call on his name!

Father give me purity in everything I say.

2. His people are unified. They serve him with single heart and mind.

Father remind me to keep the unity with my brothers and sisters high on my “priorities” list. If it is so important to you then I want it to be important to me too.

3. His people are humble. They keep a right judgment of themselves and others.

God I know you give grace to the humble! Strengthen my humility, let me not be proud in myself. Let me be “proud” in you. Let me boast of what great things you have done and how awesome you are.

4. His people take refuge in him. He is their protection and trust!

Father may I turn to you alone in times of trouble or distress. Let my hope continue to be in you. Let my trust lay in who you are and no other thing.

5.  His people are trustworthy and honest. They don’t lie even when it hurts!

God you know my struggles. I desire to be holy before you. Set a guard over my mouth, move me to follow all your commands. So that I may remain in your presence.

6. His people are not afraid! They are secure in Him.

Jesus remind me that I need not fear anything in this world, that fear does not come from you, and that you are keeping watch over me at every moment.

7. His people have great joy! They sing and shout his praise. They are excited to tell others about him.

Father complete my joy in you. Reveal to me areas in my life that are keeping me from experiencing your joy to the fullest. I want to see you for who you are and rejoice always.

8. His people are not under punishment or condemnation.

Lord you are greater than my heart, which often condemns me. Keep me from my own depression over past sin. You have forgiven me. Move me to obey.

9. His people are in his presence! He is among them as a Warrior who saves! Wow!

Father let me know if I have wondered from your presence and bring me back. I don’t want to do half-hearted obedience. I desire to be fully yours.

10. He rejoices over his people. He is overjoyed with them and pleased that they are his!

God I don’t typically think of you as happy with me, or rejoicing over me. But those you have redeemed are precious to you! I am in awe of you! That you really love me that much!


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