prayer at another level

prayer at another level

A Deafening Sound

Read Ezekiel 37:1-14

I can not imagine the great sound an army of bones would have made! As the LORD brought these bones together there would have been no mistake that something incredible was happening. Anyone in ear shot would have wondered!

I can’t imagine Ezekiel’s face and his thoughts as he watched an entire army raise from dry bones! And then to see muscle and flesh be put back in them!

Imagine the thoughts of Ezekiel as he stood before these once dried up bones and now they stood together as whole bodies again, yet without life. All I can think is creepy!

Imagine his thinking of how hopeless these dead bones were. Like Israel dry, useless, dead, hopeless.

“Can these bones live?” The LORD asked Ezekiel.

“LORD, only you know!” Was the reply.

Are there some dried up, dead bones in your life? Does the situation seem bleak? Do you think those “dead” things can be given new life?

God can do amazing things if we let him. He can breath life were there is none! He can change the hopeless situation into a thriving continuance if life and fruitfulness! He can regenerate the soul that is dead from sin!

Praise his name!

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