prayer at another level

prayer at another level

His AMAZING Grace!

I know these verses are specifically speaking to Israel but I can’t help but see a lot of myself here too! The Grace of God is absolutely AMAZING! His divine restoration comes not because I deserve any of it, but because of His Holy Name. (36:22,32) His name; which I have profaned by my actions of dishonesty, pride, selfishness, forgiveness, gossip, impatience, indifference, apathy, laziness. His name is Holy and he is going to show his holiness! (36:23)

He will:

1. “Gather” me from all the worldly places I have gone (self pity ville, the desert of unforgiveness, liars-r-us, depression town, ect.) and he will put me in his land of rest and righteousness. (v24)

2. Sprinkle me with clean water, cleanse me from ALL impurities and from ALL my idols (v25)

3. Give me a new heart; transplant a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone (v26)

4. Put a new spirit in me; His Spirit. (v26-27)

5. Move me to obey him. (v27)

6. Adopt me as his. (v28)

7. Be my God. (v28)

8. Save me from ALL my uncleanness. (v29)

9. Make me fruitful and abundant. (v29-30)

10. Keep me from suffering disgrace because of “famine” in my spirit because there won’t be one. (v30)

YOU are truly holy and wonderful LORD! Thank you for ALL you do for me! I will bless YOUR name! AMEN.

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