prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Impending Doom!

Ezekiel 33:1-20

The watchman was the most important person in the walled city. He was responsible for every life within the walls. When there was danger he blew his trumpet to alert the people. He had to be alert, sharp, ready, and quick.

Imagine a watchman who “slept on the job”, or didn’t know how to use his trumpet. What use to the city would he be?

Now imagine a watchman who, when danger comes, simply goes back to the book he was reading, or yawns at the impending doom, or is afraid to sound the alarm call because people might get made at him! That’s not the guy I want “protecting” me! He is responsible for the lives of all those for whom he was supposed to watch.

Let us be diligent watchmen for those around us! Not shrinking back from the duty of warning those who need it. Not thinking someone else will do it, when its our job. Not fearing the responses of others.

Sound that trumpet it is time for warning!

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