prayer at another level

prayer at another level

September Prayer

Jesus, You have said You call me Your friend! (Jn 15:15) Thank You for revealing to us what You are doing! You don’t have to, but You want us to be involved with Your work. (Jn 15:15-17) Remind us often that our friendship with You is based on our obedience of Your commands. (Jn 15:14) Because You command us to love others, teach us how to do that and remind us to listen to Your Spirit. (Jn 15:12) Let us be a friend to all who fear You. (Ps 119:63) Remind us to be cautious of the friendships that we develop. (Prov 12:26) Keep us free from gossip and the need to please for the sake of friendship. (Prov 14:20; 16:28) Also, let us accept wounds from a friend said in love – they can be trusted. (Prov 27:5-6)

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