prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Pointless Sacrifices

Isaiah 1:11-15 stands as an indictment in God’s courtroom. The people of Israel had turned their backs on their God yet they were continuing a charade of worship! God punished his people with exile and silence! Examine yourself today, does this indictment ring true in your ‘court case’? I pray not! But if it does repent and find forgiveness in Yahweh!

Ask yourself…

1. Am I offering “sacrifices” that are worthless? If obedience does not come first, then no “sacrifice” or offering is acceptable! It must be done with a heart of obedience.

2. Do I trample God’s court? God lives in me and in his people collectively. Am I taking care of both? Do I consider my body to be ‘holy ground’ and treat it that way? Do I consider the body of Christ, my fellow believers, to be ‘holy ground’ and so keep it pure?

3. Is my worship valid? Again worshiping God is pointless if I am not devoted to him alone! He is God alone and must be treated that way if my worship of him is to be accepted.

4. When I meet together with other believers is there iniquity in my heart? I must examine myself and poor out everything that is not of God! Have I allowed unclean things to come in and pollute the pure things of God?

My, your, our prayers will not be heard if these things are not taken care of!

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