prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Distressed & Depressed

Psalm 42:1-11

Why was this psalmist so upset? Why was he so depressed?

1. Do you feel far from God’s presence? (Ps 42:1-3)

Two reasons: There is unconfessed sin in your life 0r you just ‘feel’ that way. Get rid of sinful habits, repent and God’s presence will settle in. He is close to the broken hearted. Especially the broken hearted over sin. Don’t trust your feelings. Emotions are more often wrong than they are correct. God is never far away. Just because you don’t feel him doesn’t mean he’s not there!

2. Do you hear ‘mockers’ sneering at you because of your faith in Jesus? (Ps 42:3)

Ignore them! If God is for you who can be against you!?!?

3. Have you lost the joy of corporate worship and thanksgiving? (Ps 42:4)

Get back into fellowship, remind yourself that the unity of the body of Christ is of utmost importance.

4. Do you feel forgotten by God? (Ps 42:9)

Again don’t let your feelings drive the engine! Jesus paid His life for you! You are not forgotten!

5. Do you feel oppressed by the enemy? (Ps 42:9)

Yes Satan wants to turn your vibrant and radiant life in Christ into a defeated and pathetic existence. He has no power over you because you are bought with the blood of Jesus! Don’t let him oppress you any longer! Tell him to get lost.

6. Are you physically effected by depression? or stress? (Ps 42:10)

Take it to God for He is the Great Physician!

7. Remind and encourage yourself, as the psalmist did. (Ps 42:5-8)

That ALL hope is in God alone, therefore, you should praise Him in every circumstance. Even now the Lord send His love, light, and truth to guide you to the WAY so that you may dwell in His presence forever!

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