prayer at another level

prayer at another level

Times of Trouble

(Note that this psalm is both a prayer to God and an exhortation to the psalmist himself and those around him.)

What do you do in times of trouble and distress?

1. Call on God! Seek Him. (v1)

2. Don’t turn to trust other things, people, or gods. Only God is worthy of my trust and faith! (v2)

3. Remember that God separates the godly from the world for Himself. You are his! (v3)

4. When things are frustrating and imitating (like your children, the state of our nation, evil) do not sin. (v4)

5. Contemplate your own heart, motives and actions each day. (v4)

6. Continue to worship with integrity even when things are difficult. TRUST! (v5)

7. Ask the Lord for his favor (v6)

8. Is God more satisfying to you than abundance and prosperity? (v7)

9. Know that His peace can pervade He is your safety. And He’s the only safe dwelling there is! (v8)

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