prayer at another level

prayer at another level

A Rod of Discipline

The voice of Yahweh calls out to the city (and it is wise to fear Your name):
“Pay attention to the rod and the One who ordained it.     -Micah 6:9

So often we mistake God’s discipline for something it is not. We call it “bearing our cross”, normal human trials, hardships caused by the evil one, conflict, a ‘dividing sword’, even testing.

But how often do we consider difficulties as the writer of Hebrews suggests: as though we are being disciplined. And this because we are dearly loved children of the Living God!

What in our lived might we be receiving discipline for? What is God correcting? What does He want to change in us?

Do you find yourself ‘running around in circles’ going over the same lesson time and time again? Do you flee from the thought that God is spanking your behind?

My typical first response to discomfort or difficulty is to run the other direction! But God wants to instruct and yes discipline through hardship. If we run away when he begins to do this, then we learn nothing. (except how to run)

Try ’embracing’ God’s discipline next time and see if there is a tremendous change in you. See if God shows more of himself than you thought possible! See if you finally ‘learn that lesson’!

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