prayer at another level

prayer at another level


Job 19:25-27

Job knew his life, honor, and innocence would be bought back by God himself! He knew who God is and he knew that he belonged to God. And he even knew that some sweet day he would get to see God with his own eyes! What faith; even in the midst of great suffering (especially the suffering his “friends” caused).

I know my Redeemer lives, but I know him in a way that Job didn’t: they are one and the same, but I get to experience God’s transforming, powerful Spirit working in and through me. I am a dwelling place for my Redeemer and he does indeed LIVE!

Still I am amazed that Job had such insight and belief. I find myself wondering what his prayer life was like. He must have known God very well! Did he seek God daily, even hourly? Was God’s presence so a part of his thinking that it was like walking next to a close friend? Did he pray continually as Paul tells us to do?

Lord, I want you to be so intertwined in my thinking that I ‘run into you’ at every turn. Saturate me with your Spirit so that I will be more and more like you.

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