prayer at another level

prayer at another level

A Prayer for December….Service


LORD, You give generously, (Ja 1:5-6) teach ___ to give as You do. Give ___ the desire to serve You with all his/her heart and soul. (Dt 10:12) Remind ___ to serve You faithfully. (Jos 24:14-15) Tell  ____, often, that he/she cannot serve two masters. (Lk 16:13) Help ___ learn that to be great is to serve others. (Mt 20:24-28)  Teach ___ to serve with others shoulder to shoulder. (Zeph 3:9) Guide ___ to faithfully administer Your grace and Your strength through service to others. (1Pe 4:10-11) Let ___ serve as though he/she is serving You and not men. (Eph 6:7-8) Let ___ realize that in doing Your will he/she is part of Your family. (Mk 3:35)

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