prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Stone

This is a story I wrote last night. It probably will change some as I edit it, but I wanted to go ahead and post it. I pray that it will remind you of the work that Jesus is doing in each of our lives and to not give up during those tough and trying times. ENJOY!

  There once was a stone, deep down in the earth. Down where it is the   darkest black and no light can be seen. The stone lived there day after day,   not really happy, nor content. He was stuck in his spot with no hope of   escape and no knowledge of what other life there could be.

One day he felt a tremor in the earth around him. The dirt was shifting and   sliding and there was a terrible ear-splitting sound. A roar unlike any the   stone had heard before. Filled with terror he shut his eyes tight and   prepared for the worst.

Suddenly all went quiet. He waited……..and then he heard a man   speak…..”Well there you are! Beautiful stone, with golden reds and browns.   You’re just what I was looking for! Large and strong, you will be smooth and   square, just perfect for the place I have for you. What do you say? Will you com with me, out of this dirt, to the GREAT house I am preparing for my Father to dwell in?”

Delighted, the stone asked, “What must I do to be a part of your house?”

The man replied, “Accept that only I can bring you out and place you where I know you need to be. Trust me, and get to know me as the Master Stone Cutter and I will do the work to prepare you for your spot.”

The stone was ecstatic and excepted the offer of the Master Stone Cutter. Many days past. Each day was new and bright. The stone learned something new about the Stone Cutter ever day, often he was excited and eager to learn and converse with him.

Little by little the Master Cutter dug out the stone, somewhat roughly at first. There was chopping and chiseling, cutting and breaking. And there was that dreadful jack-hammer (that was the terrible first sound the stone had heard).

Sometimes the stone cried out in pain. The Master would stop and reassure him of his constant presence, love and care; and that ALL would be well.

The hacking continued until, finally, the stone was free from the earth. Lying in the warm sunshine, he felt free and wonderful.

He asked the Master Stone Cutter if it was time for him to be placed in the house. And the Stone Cutter replied, “No, there is still much work to be done. You are free from the earth but now you must be dressed: smoothed and shaped, rubbed and polished. Everything must be done just right so you will fit in the spot I have picked out for you. Do not worry I will care for you all along the way. And even though you may not always see me I am right here doing my work. Do you trust me?”


One thought on “The Stone

  1. What a great reminder during painful times that we are being evermore molded according to God’s glorious plan! Thanks, Alethea

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