prayer at another level

prayer at another level

OUR Father – Part 5 Your Will

Matthew 6:10

“your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

When you say “your will be done” to God you are laying all of your desires aside and expressing to him that you will come under his desires. This can be hard to do but often until we surrender to God’s will things will remain at a stand still in that situation and even in our lives.

Do you know what the will of God is? Has he revealed it to you in your current situation? If not, ask him to do so. It is a little difficult to do his will when you have no idea what it is!

God’s will is always carried out in heaven, immediately and completely. Can you say that in your life? Part of what we long for as followers of Jesus is to see his will being done here on earth immediately and completely.

Your prayers have a lot to do with that! The next time God gives you direction carry it out as it would be carried out in heaven. Don’t hesitate, don’t neglect any part.

This absolutely applies to bodies of believers! Ask for and then carry out God’s will collectively. See what amazing things God will do!

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