prayer at another level

prayer at another level


Praise God for who he is; exalt and adore him. Give him glory all you people.

Rest in God; find peace and calm in him. Be directed and fixed in your Lord, find rest for your souls.

Anoint your life for God; set it apart as holy unto him. Devote all you have and all you are to him. Dedicate yourself to his service and purpose.

Yearn for God; be filled with desire for him and his will. Long to love the Lord and be in close relationship with him. Then desire these things for those around you.

Examine your life; look critically at yourself to see your condition. Inspect your habits and beliefs, scrutinize your practices and thoughts, investigate your actions and words. Bring all under the Lordship of Jesus.

Renew your commitment to God and allow him to revive you. Begin again, each day with God. Ask him to make you strong. Anticipate and accept a refreshing of your spirit and a refilling of his.

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