prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Conversation

John 4:1-26


1. Jesus didn’t “have” to go through Samaria. In fact Jews would rarely even enter the area. they avoided it when they traveled, because they didn’t want to be “defiled” by the Samaritans. But, Jesus did “have” to go there, for the sake of this woman! (v4)

2. This area was originally part of Israel. (v5-6)

3. Jesus was physically tired. What a picture of his humanity! (v6)

4. Jesus spoke with this woman. It would have been extremely unusual for a Jewish man to speak to a woman (who was not related to him) in public, much less a Samaritan! (v7)

5. She knew he was Jewish. Probably by his dress, his appearance. (v9)

6. Her own prejudice comes out here. I can imagine her sarcasm and even hostility as she says “a Jew” with emphasis and “a Samaritan” with a different emphasis. (v9)

7. Living Water is a gift! You don’t have to pay for it or even earn it! (v10)

8. Spiritual thirst can only be quenched by the Living Water of God! (v13-14)

9. She seems uncomfortable with the subject of spiritual things and three times takes the conversation back to the physical. (v11-12, 15, 20)

10. When Jesus tells her to go get her husband, she answers him out of her emptiness. She has no husband. She is alone, destitute, unloved, unwanted, degraded, ostracized, discarded. She has tried to fill that emptiness and failed! At least five times! I believe Jesus put his finger on this subject because it was what meant the most to her. To face her failure in front of this man must have been difficult! (v16-18)

11. She again turns the subject to get the spotlight off her pain. She talks about worship and matters of the law. (v19-20)

12. Jesus expertly dispelled any notion that she will not be welcomed at “the well of Living Water.” No matter her background, or her past sins, or her lack of Scriptural knowledge could keep her from getting Living Water!! True worship is in the spirit and in truth. (v21-24)

13. Finally, she places a hope out before Jesus. Almost as a question! The hope of a Messiah who is coming and who will explain all things! (v25)

14. And Jesus confirms that the coming Messiah is sitting right in front of her! How excited she must have been!! (v26)

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