prayer at another level

prayer at another level

FREE Food!

Isaiah 55:1-3, John 4:1-25, 6:25-41

I don’t know many people that don’t like free food. Free anything, in fact, is difficult to pass by. The invitation of the Lord here is to come o his table as a guest, without obligation or even persuasion to repay! Come and eat, come and drink without having to buy!

God looks down at us and knows how we buy things that don’t satisfy and thongs that aren’t really even food to begin with. Spiritually speaking this is ludicrous! Even “religion” sells us things that are nothing but cotton candy in our mouths: come to church every time the doors are open being “in church” is more important than anything, work hard on this ministry or that, don’t ever question the authority God has placed in your life. This list could continue! None of these thongs satisfy! (What is truly sad is that those selling you this would say “none of this saves you, but it can’t hurt to have it on your spiritual resume.”) As if God is some future employer that we feel we must impress.

So what is that will satisfy? Jesus talks about living water that will “jump” up inside a person to eternal life. (John 4) He also calls himself the “Bread of Life”. And He says that He will give you food that endures to eternal life. He who comes to Jesus will never go hungry and who believes in Him will never be thirsty! Jesus is the only thing that satisfies the empty, hunger inside each and every person. Won’t you come and taste, and see that the LORD is good and satisfying.(John 6:25-41)

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