prayer at another level

prayer at another level

A ‘Crazy’ Commission

Isaiah 6:1-8


1. I wonder why it was in this year that Isaiah saw the LORD?!

A. was Isaiah so enamored with King Uziah that he wouldn’t have been able to see God? Uziah was a good KIng but he wasn’t perfect. In fact he struggled with pride. I wonder if Isaiah struggled with pride too?!

B. and most often it takes tragedy before we see God!

2. God’s sovereignty is made evident. He is high and lifted up. He is present, much closer than this priest might have thought at the time!

3. God is surrounded all the time by angels who continuously shout his praise!

4. God’s holiness and glory are so great that it shakes the foundations of the place he appears! May that be true in my life Lord!

5. No one is worthy to stand before the King of the Universes! My sins are no different than anyone else’s.

A. Isaiah is quick to confess his fault and sins before God!

B. He also confesses the sin of his people.

6. The significance of the burning coal??

A. I know you cleanse me of my sin.

B. Use me too Jesus!

7. Isaiah was commissioned by God himself asking “who will go for us?” WOW!

1. God is patient and waits for the right moment to reveal himself and his plans!

2. God is in total control!

3. God does not need us. He has all he needs! He is all he needs to be. He is GOD!

4. Keep yourself “prayed up” He does desire to use his people but he will only use us if we are pure before him. Keep a daily confessional in your life!!

5. Don’t wait! When he calls for someone to go, jump up and say “here I am!”

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