prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Work of the LORD

Psalm 18:32-36

Nine times in five verses David speaks of what God does:

  1. He clothes or arms with Strength. There are some days I wouldn’t make it if it weren’t for the strength God gives!
  2. He makes my way perfect. Through the sanctifying work if His blood and Spirit my way is being perfected!
  3. He makes my feet steady. He keeps my walk from faltering, keeps me from stumbling in worldly things.
  4. He enables me to stand on high ground. As things come that would cripple he keeps me standing. Floods can’t reach the high ground!
  5. He trains me for battle. He knows my enemy far better than I do and he prepares me for the battles!
  6. He gives His shield of victory. I can trust that he has already won and I just need to take confidence in Him!
  7. He sustains me. There is abundant provision and satisfaction in the Lord.
  8. He makes me great. He stooped down to my level, “became flesh”, in order to bring me up to his standard, living a life pleasing to God.
  9. He broaden the path. He makes things understandable to me. He speaks to me individually so that I understand. He is personally involved!

I could do none of these things. It is all his work! Thank you Jesus!

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