prayer at another level

prayer at another level


Nehemiah 4:6-23

I look at the world, this country, and this culture and I am often filled with despair and a sense of helplessness! How I grieve for the depravity and hatred toward God.

I feel like I’ve been working with all my heart yet to no avail! (Nehemiah 4.6)

I feel like the strength of my labor is giving out because there is so much “rubble” in this society. (Nehemiah 4.10)

I feel like the enemy is right on top of me and he is killing the work I am doing. (Nehemiah 4.11-12)

Thank you Jesus for the reminder! To not be afraid of the enemy, to remember you (for you alone are GREAT and AWESOME), and to fight for my family and home (ALL those you’ve put in my life and the places we dwell). (Nehemiah 4.14)

Thank you Jesus for the reminder to continue the work while being watchful and keeping my weapon close at hand. (Nehemiah 4.15-18)

Keep my ears sharper and my heart pure so that whenever I hear the sound of your trumpet call to battle I can run to the fight. For the “work is extensive and spread out”. And let me not forget that you fight for me, for us (Nehemiah 4.19-20)


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