prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Road to Jubilee Part 1

The Lord wants us to experience joy in our lives; joy that is not dependent on our circumstances nor is it fleeting at the first sign of trouble. Sadly, many Christians never truly experience the fullness of God’s joy. I believe it is because there are some things missing in their lives. These missing elements prevent joy from being a reality.

Let’s look at Leviticus 25 and the terms that applied to the Year of Jubilee to see what might be missing in our lives:

1. Repentance

The Year of Jubilee began on The Day of Atonement with a loud trumpet blast throughout the land. (Lev. 25:9) The Day of Atonement was the one day a year that the priest would enter the Holy of Holies, the one day a year he would enter the presence of the LORD and the one day a year there was atonement made for the people of Israel.

If you want joy in your life then it must begin with repentance on your part. Is there anything in your life that is in disobedience to God? Sin separates us from God and we will NOT experience joy with sin in our lives.

Search your heart, ask God to reveal anything that is not pleasing to him, and repent from those things that he reveals.

Note: Repentance means that you agree with God about your sin, you turn away from it (don’t do it any more), and you turn to God instead.


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