prayer at another level

prayer at another level


There was a price paid for me. It was a great amount! More than I could pay. More than I even knew needed paying! It was the separation of God the Son from God the Father! It was the death of that incredible, unknowable, perfect, relationship. Jesus experienced the pain and destruction of separation from God and he did it for me! Mere words cannot even begin to capture the horror it must have been.

We do not realize the true absence of God’s presence. Because he is in and around everything. He is literally holding us together (Col. 1:16-17). What we experience here and now is merely the absence of his peace and blessing and relationship. Oh, how incredibly gracious he truly is to even allow us that! The true absence of God will be much more intense and unbearable! Again words are poor!

Stop and think! Have you accepted the incredible, unreasonable gift he has given? The price he paid for you was worth it to him. Does that not, at the very least, deserve consideration?

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