prayer at another level

prayer at another level

The Holiness of God!

Are you struck by God’s holiness? Does He ‘inspire fear, awe, or grave distress’ in you?

Where does the “fear of the LORD” come from? Do we just naturally come upon it and then live our lives by that fear? Or does it develop over time as we get to know who God is and what He is really like?

What does holiness look like? I have been asking this question lately. Holiness is equal to many things: purity, sacredness, perfection, righteousness, virtue, justice. I could go on. It is altogether separate from selfish and impure thinking. And have I seen this awe inspiring holiness of God? I want to experience God’s purity. And this is a scary thought to me! Can I truly know my place unless I have experienced the difference between my sinful ugliness and the incredible, shinning perfection of God? And if I can’t understand the depth of my imperfection then have I truly humbled myself before God?

Would I, like Isaiah, look into the presence of perfect, spotless Completeness and fall to my knees in utter shame and horror because of my own depravity? Would that knowledge and experience spark in me a life altering journey to ever worship and praise God? Would it hasten my efforts to share the love of Christ with others? Would it lead me into an even deeper relationship with the Creator of all that is? And would it drive me to a prayer life that truly seeks the face of God at every turn?

Father, would you forever change me by your holiness? Would you teach me the “fear of the LORD”? Would you let me see just a glimpse of your holiness? I want to love you more each day. AMEN!

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