prayer at another level

prayer at another level

101 Ways To Communicate With God…part 6

62. Make a time line up on the wall. Note any fantastic answers to prayer and their date, include anything you are praying for and the date you began to pray for that, add any profound conversations you have had with God and their dates. This is a great visual way to see all the times you’ve had exceptional communication with God.

63. Pray with “chucks” or any other weapon you use. (sword, bo staff, etc) (Thanks Michael for this one!)

64. Have large rocks in your yard? Paint praises on them or anything else you’d like to express to God in a public way.

65. Symbolically offer your sword to the Commander of the LORD’s army and ask him for your orders.(Thanks Ken for this one!)

66. Ask a local business if you can have a prayer stand outside their door. Then ask people if they would like you to pray for them. ( You could do this as a one time thing or you could set up a standing arrangement like once a month or once a quarter.)

67. Pray the 23rd Psalm everyday for a month. See what God does with such a familiar passage. Don’t pray it as a request. Pray each phrase as a statement of praise and thanksgiving for something God is already doing in your life! Let him refresh you with it.

68. Text your prayers to others. Don’t forget to text your praise reports too! ;O)

69. “Pop-Corn Praise” – when you’re in a group, shout out praises to the Lord as fast as you can, no taking turns just shout out quick two or three word praises. If this gets going it can be a lot of fun.

70. Light some candles or start a fire, turn off all the lights, and allow God to speak to you in the warmth and glow of the fire. Seek him as the “Light of the World”.

71. Use the Advent candles to remind yourself of why Jesus came to this earth: HOPE, PEACE, LOVE, JOY, LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Write or speak prayers for each theme for yourself, your family, your neighbors/coworkers, your church,  your city, your country, etc.

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