prayer at another level

prayer at another level

101 Ways to Communicate With God…part 4

38. Write prayers on helium balloons and then let them go. This can be a neat way to intercede for someone you don’t even know. Or think about the person finding the prayers you let go and how it might bless and encourage them!

39. Get a map of the US, the world, or any other country you’d like to focus on. Pray everyday for one place on the map, one town, one state, or region. Pray for the leaders of that country, the people groups, the missionaries you may know there, etc. Place a pin in the map for every place you’ve prayed for. This is great for kids to see the map fill up with their “prayers”.

40. Go on an adventure with a focus on listening and speaking with God. This could be as simple as an overnight camping trip or a more extended and ‘exotic’ experience. Put some real thought into what you would do on this trip and why.

41. Share your testimony about how your prayer life has changed over the past year. This can encourage others as well as remind you of the importance of prayer.

42. Make a slide show of just pictures that represent the things you are praying for or what prayer represents to you. This can be a great way to show others that communicating with God is not just talking.

43. Spend time meditating on the Psalms. Use this schedule if you like. PsalmSchd Ask God each day to speak to you through what you read.

44. Build a “House of Prayer” using wooden blocks. With markers write your prayers on the blocks. This is a fun way for children to get involved in praying as well!

45. Use a specific prayer focus for 30 or 40 days. Some great ones are 30 days of Prayer (for Muslims during Ramadan), 40 days for Life (a pro-life org.), our Nations Leaders, our schools and teachers, missionaries, law enforcement officials and other civil servants, marriage and families, Israel.

46. Every time you hear a siren pray for police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and the people involved in the 911 call they are attending.

47. Do you sing in the shower? Well, how about praying in the shower?!?!

48. Pray while you drive. Yes other drivers may think you are crazy when they see you talking and waving your hands in the air, but it’s ok you don’t know most of them anyway! ;O)

49. Pray the names of God. I’ve used this in various different ways. Here is an easy guide to start with from NavPress.

50. Is your church or community facing a very difficult issue? Try gathering the people involved in a time of prayer. This does not need to be overly organized. Just set a date, time and place and get the word out.

51. Have an old piece of wooden furniture? Strip it and draw and write prayers on it. Then give it a good coat of poly. (Another great way for children and teens to do something creative with prayer.)

52. Do you sew or quilt? Get a solid, light color of fabric and draw and write prayers with fabric markers. Then quilt or sew away.

53. Does your praying bring glory to God? Think about this as the purpose for your prayers. Will it change how you pray?

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