prayer at another level

prayer at another level

101 Ways to Communicate With God…part 3

25. Use markers to draw and color your prayers. This has become a regular practice for me. Start with a favorite verse and draw or doodle the things that come to your mind. Allow God to speak to you through your drawing.

26. Same as above but use it as a way to intercede for others. Write the name of someone you are praying for on the paper and draw, doodle, and pray around it.

27. Try doing something active while you pray: running, exercising, dancing, punching a bag. Getting your body involved in prayer can be very exciting.

28. Pray while you are doing house or yard work. I can’t tell you how many times God has spoken to me over a sink of dishes, or while vacuuming.

29. Devote yourself to prayer! Be watchful and thankful! (Colossians 4.2) Is prayer something you have apportioned time for, are you dedicated to it, have you set apart yourself to it? Sometimes a “formal” dedication to something can give us a renewed desire to pursue it! Have a “Prayer Dedication” service. Invite your family and friends. Speak from your heart and give action points that others can join you in.

30. Make a prayer video. Try to define prayer in a ‘graphic’ and visual way.

31. Use sound. Music or sounds of nature can help you to express things in your heart that words wouldn’t.

32. Make a yearly appointment with God. Spend an entire day just thinking about him and talking with him and listening to him. (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Years, anniversaries are all good times to do this.)

33. Teach others about prayer. Help someone else learn how to pray. As you intercede for and help them you will find your own prayer life growing!

34. Use pictures to make a collage of the people you are praying for. Remember to incorporate the prayers you have for them.

35. You can also use magazine cut outs to do something similar to #34.

36. Get a t-shirt or old pair of jeans and uses fabric markers and paint to write prayers. This can be a very visual and fun way to “wear your prayer”.

37. Go big! Paint a prayer mural on a wall!

One thought on “101 Ways to Communicate With God…part 3

  1. Number 28 above makes me think about how much God is pleased with our service to others. Many times when I make sacrifices for others I find God there ready to share with me. Good times!

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