prayer at another level

prayer at another level

101 Ways to Communicate With God…part 2

11. Pray with your children. Children are so open spiritually. Teach and guide them into a life of prayer and praise. Don’t forget to be listening for the lessons they will teach you!

12. Silence. Listen for and to God. This can be very difficult but very rewarding. Start small: 5-10 minuets, then 15-20, then 20-30. See how God will bless you. I often think that in our society we don’t get enough silence.

13. Meet with a prayer partner and share your joys and sorrows. Remember where two or three are gathered the Lord is there!

14. Pray your schedule. Give God your past week, month, quarter and ask for his perspective and comments. Do the same with your coming day and week. Ask him for insight into the things he wants you to do and not to do, accomplish, pray for, and people to meet with. Ask him to permeate your plans.

15. Minister to God. God is seeking worshipers who will worship him in spirit and in truth. In stead of asking for anything JUST give him worship. Praise him for who he is and what he has done for you.

16. 5 minuets per day – get a timer and use it to pray for 5 minuets for your family, spouse, kids, work, church, President, Congressmen, etc. This can be a time packed with powerful prayer.

17. 7 x 7 – this one comes from the National day of Prayer Task Force: Set aside time in your day, everyday, to pray for the 7 seats of power and influence in our nation. They are, government, military, media, business, education, church, and family. Visit for more information, tips, and scriptures for participating in 7 x 7.

18. Sing – this sounds elementary and even silly, but go with me for a second. When you’re praying (for most of us it’s silent prayer, right?) do songs or choruses ever come to mind? The next time that happens, sing it out. Allow God’s Spirit to lead you in your prayer time, and just see what he brings to your mind.

19. Sing a new Song! – God’s word often encourages us to sing to him a new song. After you’re tried singing songs that come to mind try allowing God to lead you in a new song of praise to him. Open up your heart to him and just let it out.

20. Take a walk or hike in nature, away from the ‘business’ of life. Allow the sounds and smells of God’s creation to speak. (Rom 1.19-20)

21. Use doodling or drawing to “create” your prayers. Pick an attribute of God and meditate on it while you doodle. Consciously invite God into your drawing. This can be very relaxing but it may also bring a freshness to your prayer life! This is one of my FAVORITE methods of talking with God.

22. In this day, how could I not mention a blog! Make a blog that is simply devoted to you talking with God. This is much like keeping a journal except it would be ‘out there’ for all to see. If being that transparent scares you talk to God about it. This might be something he wants to take you through to further refine you!

23. Any musicians out there? Just sit and play. don’t try to think of specific songs just let your fingers and thoughts of God take you and the instrument on a little journey.

24. Remind yourself today that the Lord is returning! It is just a little while that we will have to endure life and all it’s trouble. Expect heaven today….you never know it might be this very second! Come Lord Jesus, amen!

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