prayer at another level

prayer at another level

101 Ways to Communicate With God…part 1

I decided to record different ways I use or have used to talk to and praise God….Enjoy God’s Presence today!

1. I use a prayer journal. I record prayers for people, situations, material things, even ramblings that come from my heart. I also use it to record lessons that God has taught me. I have enjoyed over the years going back and looking at all the different places God and I have “gone” together.

2. This year, at Thanksgiving, I started a Thank You journal. (It’s just some colored paper stapled together with a cover.) I have made a commitment to write at least 1 thing in it each day. 1 thing that I am thankful for, 1 thing I may often take for granted, 1 thing that “sings” to my heart from God’s.

3. In the past I have used lists to help me remember to pray for people. I keep a list of family members and friends. When I feel like I can’t think of anything to pray for I get out my list and the prayer just starts flowing. I also have a list of family and friends whom I know are not saved. I use this one quite often.

4. I have taken many prayer walks. I walk around my church and pray for the ministries and the ministers involved in my church. I walk around a school and pray for the teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Then I pray for the community around that school. I have found that this can be a very enriching time of prayer.

5. I love to use scripture when I pray. One of the best ways that I can communicate with God is by using what he has given me in his word. There is endless material for praise and petition!

6. I love to sing old hymns. My children and I belt them out when we’re doing chores and the like. Hymns are full of wonderful praise!

7. I love to use the ABCs. One thing I’m glad God gave me for each letter. This can also be a great mental exercise, trying to think of different things each time I go through the alphabet.

8. Write a psalm to God and then pray it back to God. Poetry is great!

9. Use an address book to keep track of the people and situations you are praying for. Everyday pray through a couple of letters.

10. Pray T.H.U.M.B. I got this one from Pray! mag. it stands for: T is for Tribal people and animists; H for Hindus; U is for the unreached, unreligious, and unconvinced; M for Muslims; and B for Buddhists.

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